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Project of integration between the 60MW PV power station and herbal medicine planting in Pangushan Town, Yudu County, Jiangxi


 The project construction site is located in Renfeng Village,Panggushan Town, Yudu County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi. It covers an area of 1600 mu(approx.1066666.67 ) with a total investment of RMB495 million. On 25 June 2016, the project successfully generated power with grid tie.

  The project establishment will effectively improve local environment and provide annual average power production of about 36.923 million kwhs. It is expected to save the combustion of 14813.9 ton standard coal and reduce the emission of 36923 ton carbon dioxide (CO2), 1111 ton sulfur dioxide ( SO2), 555 ton nitrogen oxides (NOx) as well as the emission of 10073 ton dust.

  This project combines traditional farming with PV power generation to ensure the maximum land utilization, increase the comprehensive utilization ratio of the project land and realize the efficient three-dimensional use of the sun and land resources. The shade produced by the PV panels can decrease the evaporation from land by 20-30% thus greatly improve the living environment of plants. In this way, a new path is blazed for the PV industry, which combines PV power generation, barren slopes renovation, modern agriculture and development-oriented poverty reduction and realizes a win-win  between economic and ecological benefits.

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