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80MW grid-tied distributed PV power generation projects of complementary PV and agriculture in Leping, Jiangxi



     The project construction is located in Leping Jiangxi covering an area of 2300 mu (approx. 1533333.33 ㎡). The planned three phase installed capacity is 80MW with a total investment of nearly RMB640 million. In late October, 2015, the 1st phase 20MW distributed PV project for mining area was smoothly connected to the grid. Around two months later, the 2nd phase 20MW distributed PV project of “complementary agriculture and PV” was successfully tied to the grid on Jan.1, 2006. On 29 June 2016, the 3rd phase 40MW distributed PV project for the mining area generated power with grid connection. Thus the CMEC-GL’s 80MW grid-tied distributed PV power generation projects of “complementary agriculture and PV” was completed perfectly.

    When the projects are complete with grid connection, it is anticipated that they will provide approximately 80 million kwh power per year to Jiangxi grid. Compared to the equivalent thermal power generation, this means that every year the combustion of 31303.6 ton standard coal will be saved and the emission of 80000 ton carbon dioxide (CO2 )and 2400 ton sulfur dioxide (SO2 ) will be reduced.

   The project is the first of its kind to change the ecological environment of a waste mining area by PV power station construction in Jiangxi Province. It is also the first attempt made by CMEC-GL to promote its projects beyond Jiangsu and across China.Its smooth grid connection has realized turning trash into treasure and facilitated Leping’s ecological civilization construction and industrial development.

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