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Phase I 10MW PV power generation project in Huangbaihe, Shan County, Shangdong



    The project construction is located in Xieji Town, Shan County, Heze City, Shangdong Province. It covers a total area of 400 mu (approx.266666.67㎡)with a total investment of RMB83.50 million.On 30 June,2016, the project successfully generated power with grid tie.

    When the project construction is complete with grid connection, it is expected to provide 10.6665 million kwh power to  Shandong grid every year. Compared to the equivalent thermal power generation, this means that every year the combustion of 4020.2 ton standard coal will be saved and the emission of about 10532.7 ton carbon dioxide (CO2) reduced. Besides, the emissions of several air pollutants will also be reduced including about 320 ton sulfur dioxide (SO2 ), about 28 ton carbon dust and about 160 ton nitrogen oxides (NOx).

    This project is CMEC-GL’s first success of cooperative ground PV projects in Shangdong. It can greatly arouse the enthusiasm of Shangdong people to carry out PV projects. It also plays an important role for Heze City in promoting the “Green energy and ecological city” construction, the scale construction of ground PV power stations and exploring relevant administration and operation mode.

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