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1.4MW roof mounted distributed PV power generation project for Kipor Machinery


    The project is located in Wuxi Kipor Machinery co., Ltd., Xishan District, Wuxi. It covers a roof area of 80000㎡ where the centralized PV installation is done on the PV carriers of color steel tiled roofing and the installation area reaches 20000㎡. The installed capacity is 1.4MW with a total investment of RMB10.5 million. It was complete in January 2015 with annual average power production of 1.23 million kwhs. The grid-tied power generation of the project plays a greater role in local environmental protection as it can reduce the emission of 1230 ton carbon dioxide (CO2), 36.9 ton sulfur dioxide(SO2) and save 492 ton coal for power generation.

    Moreover, the project implementation not only provides backup power to the enterprise but also gains energy-saving benefits for it. CMEC-GL will continue to innovate cooperation modes towards win-win results and strive to allow more industrial enterprises to use green and clean new energy.

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