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Corporate Culture of CMEC-GL

Since its establishment, based on “providing green energy to the society” for its survival, CMEC-GL has been intensively and carefully cultivating markets in the new energy field. Guided by the development philosophy of “firm, reliable, professional, innovative”, we make continuous innovations in the business modes and cooperate closely with famous enterprises to provide first-class reliable PV technical service and system solutions to customers with all sincerity. All our employees hold a persistent, practical and innovative attitude as they are committed to become “active participant in the development of the green energy industry”.

Providing green energy to the society with all sincerity.

CMEC-GL upholds “providing green energy to the society” as its mission, insists on the development philosophy of “firm, reliable, professional, innovative” and is determined to become an active participant in the development of the green energy industry.
Development philosophy: firm, reliable, professional, innovative

We have the risk-resisting ability strengthened by over ten years of industrial experience and diversified business architecture.

We always stick to the highest quality standard and ensure the superior quality of the products and services through a strict quality management system.

We are focused on the new energy products and solutions to provide the most professional service to the customers.

We make continuous innovations in technology, products and business modes, help customers to achieve commercial success and promote the industrial development.

Core values: customer uttermost, teamwork, honesty, good faith, dedication to duties

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